About us

About us

Seven years of well-coordinated work in the bookmakers market have formed a managing team of Winance. The purpose of our work is to increase financial productivity in trust management of our own and raised investments.

Winance is a team of dedicated professionals who are thoroughly versed in sports. However, we view sports as a business environment rather than a hobby. Knowing the ways of making profit in the sports sphere, we apply our unique developments and sophisticated software systems.

But the core of our efficiency is reliable trustful and partnership relations with common and key participants of professional sport.

We develop and carry out various investment strategies. In some cases, they are formed on the basis of information provided by sportsmen and match participants. Another direction for forming a strategy is сourtsiding.

Our unique knowledge, experience and a complex of technical and material resources make it possible for us to confidently carry out effective investment strategies. We operate a constantly growing financial fund while developing and mastering new directions of the bookmakers market, which has vast perspectives and opportunities.

86 000 $The total amount of the raised investments
54 500 $The total amount
of the paid
the deposit amount
114 000 $The total amount of the raised investments
97 000 $The total amount
of the paid
the deposit amount

We have been handling
investments successfully since 2013.

In early 2013 we raised the first money from the investors totalling $20000. The investors were individuals from our warm circle, and until 2017 the fund operated behind closed doors.

In January 2017 we launched our first investment product that proved quickly its financial efficiency, and opened a fund for our new partners.

Join our team and win with us!

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Reasons to trust the fund


The average rate is twice as high
as in the Russian private funds

Maximum yield
up to 14% per month!


The average rate is twice as high
as in the Russian private funds

Weekly payments

Get dividends at least every week.

and safety.

The investments are protected
by the formal agreement,
the risks don`t exceed 1%.


An investment tool
new for Russia,
that has proven its

Experienced team

6 years we make money
on sports, the activity
is confirmed.

Earn confidently

The six-year experience of the fund team enables you to minimize even hypothetical risks due to the constant analytical work, serious preventive measures, and personal responsibility of each employee.

Possible risks and
ways of their minimization:

Hacker attack and theft
of funds from the bookmaker`s
or fund accounts.

We have developed and continue to improve our own security system. To avoid unforeseen situations, we send a certain percentage of working capital to the reserve fund.


Of course, we can`t earn from 100% of matches. There is a statistical error that is eliminated by a tight diversification, namely:

  • - Work with different sports;
  • - Participation in plenty of matches;
  • - Selection of low level tournaments.


Our experience enables you to choose matches according to their level, location, time, and other parameters on order to minimize the technical risks.


Official agreement

Regardless of the total yield
the Fund guarantees the safety of the
entire entrusted amount received
since the contract date.

Reserve fund

Powerful guarantee tool that is formed
on the basis of allowances of
a certain percentage
of the profits.


The information about the investors is strictly confidential. We undertake the commitment not to disclose it to the third parties, except as otherwise required by applicable law.

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