Great experience and networks in the world of sports give us exclusive opportunities for making money in this area.

Earnings from one account total 300-1500 Euro, and the total profit of the fund from only one game reaches 1000-7000 Euro.

On average 5 of our employees make bets in one game, and each of them works with 2 accounts.

Possible scenarios of our work:

At the matches, where there is no possibility of instant transfer of information about the course of the game from the site to the bookmakers, there is a small time delay, when one gets an opportunity to make a correct bet.

The fund employee, who is present at the game, gives us information about the course of the game anticipating the match organizers for a few seconds and enabling us to make right bets at bookmakers' offices. As a rule, the delay totals 7-15 seconds.

No "Ifs":

There will be no time delay

Winance specialists work at low-level tournaments, where there is no live video of matches, which contributes to the creation of the necessary time delay.

The bookmaker will block our accounts

We use the game accounts correctly, minimize suspicious activity, and use the wallets with bet history.

Technical failure will occur

Though technical problems are an integral part of our activities, their influence on the process is insignificant.

The fund specialists constantly collect and analyze information about the upcoming sports events attracting to this work external experts, who have full information about the upcoming matches.

The result of this detailed preliminary preparation are exact matches with the results of the held games, which also influences on the successful fund activities.

No "Ifs":


The work of the Winance project is organized in such a way that the "seasonality" doesn`t affect the final result of the activities. This is achieved due to excellent market knowledge, effective planning, and simultaneous work in several directions.

Unreliable information

Winance specialists perform a special check of new information sources and use in their work the information that has been verified by at least 90%.

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